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Weather conditions are expected to be optimal and our website is packed with new features and information.

We are happy to announce the launch of their new website. The updated website is loaded with all new features including full twitter functionality. See something you like and tweet it to your peeps with only a few clicks. Fully functional social networking is built right in. Create your profile, meet locals and visitors alike, the possibilities are endless.

In celebration of the launch, we are offering a super deal on diving during the month of November. Book a dive package of 6 or more dives and the gear rental is on us. That’s right! If you book a dive package of 6 or more dives from now until the end of November,  there will be no cost to rent the gear. But you already have your gear you say? No problem!  You too can save some cash as part of the celebration.  If you book a package of 6 or more dives, we are taking 10% off the top. That’s right, a 6 dive package including 3 days of double tank dives which normally goes for $250 will only cost $225.

Join the fun and reserve your spot by going to and booking today.  You will only be charged 20% of the package price. Just go to the Cheap Packages link on the website.

The balance is paid on island. We have made it really easy to book as well.  Just click on the Google Checkout “Buy Now” button and follow the instructions.  Everything is finalized and confirmed in minutes. Once the transaction is complete a staff member will email you to confirm your arrival and dive dates. If you are a local, you are welcome to join in the fun too.

Founded in 2005, is a leader in online bookings and information for divers that are interested in diving in St. Maarten and the surrounding islands. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great information and firsthand local knowledge.

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St Maarten Traffic

I was reading the discussion section of a St Maarten group that I belong to and one of the topics was traffic.

There were several ideas suggestions and what not and I chimed in with my ½ cent. I mean you can imagine “Wow” traffic on St Maarten this is one hell of a topic.

There are soooo many issues contributing the congestion that it seems hard to tackle them all. I think most of the issues that were mentioned are all contributing factors to the overall problem. Some of the issues mentioned were:

  • People pulling on and off the road
  • Buses stopping for passengers
  • The Bridge openings
  • Cars making left turns
  • The Airport has become an second traffic hub

The Airport traffic problem to me is actually the easiest to solve:

What they should have done is:

Put the passenger parking where the employee parking is currently. This would eliminate the need for the passengers to cross the street. No traffic light, no over pass. CHEAP….SOLVED.


Simpsonbay, well since we cannot pick up buildings and move them back, personally I think we are faced with several other issues. The cheapest and what seems to me to be a practical idea I had would be to re-route traffic with goal being to get traffic over the bridge as quickly as possible.

So my thoughts are as follows:

1 after the bridge becomes 1 way down to the end of the runway. By making this a 1 way it opens up 2 lanes and creates more room to pull in and out of the area which is loaded with businesses.

2. The first right turn at the end of the runway become a mandatory right turn, with that becoming 1 way until we get up right by the police station and then turning right. There would be no oncoming traffic so this would be flowing lane unless the bridge was up. Basically we would make the town of Simpsonbay the roundabout.

Thoughts?? I am interested in your feedback on this one….


Jason J

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Dive Report St. Maarten March 2009

Well got back from St Maarten about a week ago and things we a bit on the hectic side getting back in to the old Rat Race.


But now on to happier thoughts, things I have to say over all were awesome; we ran a promotion at for some discounted diving. The response was great.


It was 2 days of double tank dives and things could not have been better.

Day one the conditions were a little bumpy about 5ft waves but no real current worth mentioning and visibility of 75fft plus. Approaching the first site I am up on the bridge with the boat captain, we are looking out at the mooring and something doesn’t look quite right. I grab the binoculars and have a look to discover there was a goat carcass floating right by the mooring. Needless to say this provided quiet the chatter before the dive. So everyone sees the carcass floating by; so when I start the briefing with “Welcome to Shark Hotel” the boat was a buzz. Chatter continued about what kind of omen it could have been to see the goat floating by. Finally we all settle in and got down to diving. Great dive we saw a total of 6 black tips on that dive max depth of 70ft. They were around in all shapes and sizes. Super stars the lot of them, the largest black tip we saw was probably between 8 to 10ft the rest ranged from 3ft to 6ft.


Second dive, on day one we dove Cable Reef, more great visibility and the sea settled down a little. No current what so ever and what a relaxing dive. The site not only offered up some spotted morays, a couple lobsters, some excellent barrel sponges but more sharks. That’s right!! 2 more sharks bringing the count up to 8 for the day. Pineapple Pete was the restaurant du jour for dinner and things continued to fall in to place. I had the Crab and Spinach crusted Grouper filet, WOW!!

Day two conditions flattened right out, the group and I scored big time as we ended up going out on our own boat. The shop had booked up a large group for the morning double. I had spoken to Antoine the owner of the shop the night before and he said he would kick around the idea. He joined my family and me for dinner that night before, so I ordered a 2nd bottle of wine and secured the second boat before dessert. We headed off at exactly 09:00am, not a cloud in the sky, because of the happenings the day before of course everyone had eyes out to see if we spotted another goat. Nothing floating around today but the diving was again excellent. First dive was RO/RO aka Carib Ghost; the site is a sunken roll on, roll off barge at about 60ft. Conditions where calm, no current and visibility was over 100ft. Everyone had a blast on this dive, large dog tooth snappers, some sting rays hanging around, and every hole you looked into had something different hanging out. Second Dive day 2 was “The Maze” 25 to 55 feet the reef offers some mini-cave diving along the sides. Turtles, rays and large French angelfish were hanging out. For a high light we saw what I would say is one the biggest lobsters I have ever seen. I would hate to guess how much he/she would weigh in at but I can promise you, a meal for a family of 5.


Overall relaxing diving, great food and activities, even though St Maarten is not renowned for its diving it is great place to get wet enjoy yourself and have the night life and excellent restaurants that most places tend to miss the mark on. Not to mention a spring board for Saba, Statia and or St Kitts.


If you heading to St. Maarten please shoot us a line we are happy to help.



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Join for an exceptional time at an unbelievable price

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In the spirit of the ever evolving web you can now follow us on Twitter.

Dive information and updates are posted on a regular basis. We work with the best dive shops on St Maarten period. If you are looking to dive St Maarten, this is webiste you want, we take care of all the details and headaches for you.

February 20, 2009 at 9:32 pm Leave a comment is happy to announce our Deep Recession Dive Bailout Package, in collaboration with Scuba Fun, is happy to announce our Deep Recession Dive Bailout Package. With the slumping global economy, we are pleased to be able to offer a 2-day dive special on March 24th and 25th. We are cutting the price on a 4-dive package to what basically equates to MADNESS!!  Normally, a 4-dive package costs $170 plus $20 for gear, if needed.

Book now and you will pay only $150 plus $15 for gear.
There is more great news!  Jason Johnson, owner of, will be diving both days as well.  Experience the thrill of diving the island’s waters with one of the highest certified “St Maarten born dive instructors” around!
Jason has not only worked as an instructor for some of the best dive shops on the island but has also served as a private guide to celebrities, CEO’s, and some of the world’s wealthiest people that frequent the island on their Mega Yachts. When asked, Jason said, “The guys at Scuba Fun are awesome. They have agreed to let us pick the dive sites on the day of the dive to ensure the best possible conditions. They have also agreed to let me lead the divers on some of the lesser known sites around St. Maarten. We are the friendly island but we do keep some secrets.” Jason also let slip that we will be diving sites on the French side as well as the Dutch side. When asked about the rumors of a night dive, he responded with “SSHHHH”.
The number of seats on this trip are limited. Reserve your spot by going toStMaartenDivers.Com and booking today. You will only be charged 15% of the total price. The balance is paid on island. We have made it really easy to book as well. Just click on the Google Checkout “Buy Now” button and follow the instructions. Everything is finalized and confirmed in minutes. If you are a local, you are welcome to join in the fun too. Just stop by Scuba Fun and reserve your spot.

Founded in 2005, is a leader in online bookings and information for divers that are interested in diving in St. Maarten and the surrounding islands. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great information and firsthand local knowledge. We offer lots of great St. Maarten “Island Activities”.

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